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The Collaborative Law Process is designed to minimize conflict between parties while working together toward a resolution that is acceptable to both parties, without going to court, resulting in the parties dissolving their marriage with mutual respect and dignity.

Plano Collaborative Law LawyerThe Benefits of a Collaborative Law Divorce

  • Greater control over the process
  • Identifies and addresses concerns and interests of all
  • Focuses on the needs of the children
  • Focuses on the future needs of the parties
  • Focuses on settlement
  • Allows open communication
  • Utilizes problem-solving methods
  • Encourages respect during and after the process
  • Privacy – not open to the public as in a court of law
  • Less combative
  • Easier on parents, children and other family when avoiding the courtroom
  • Often faster and less expensive
  • Avoids costly and acrimonious litigation

Is Collaborative Law for You?

Consider collaborative law if you and your spouse:

  • Believe it is important to protect your children from litigation
  • Can focus on reaching positive solutions for the entire family
  • Are able to accept responsibility in resolving conflict
  • Wish to preserve mutual respect of each other during and after the process
  • Believe disclosure of full and accurate information about financial issues is important

The Law Office of Alma R. Benavides will work diligently to fulfill your legal goals and obtain a settlement in your best interest.

We offer personal attention and effective legal representation that can make the divorce process easier on you. If you want to learn more about the collaborative law process and how it can benefit your situation, do not hesitate to contact us.

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